Custom effect Fabrication

To make the right impact, sometimes an off the shelf effect just won’t do the job.

Shock FX is able to provide a custom fabrication service, designing and engineering bespoke special effects at our Kent based site. This opens up the possibilities available to wow your audience with special fire, flame and firework effects.

Past work has included:

  • gas powered flame delivery units from flame bars and flambeaux to complex custom shapes
  • firing systems
  • firework & pyrotechnic firing platforms useful for making shapes and putting a band name ‘in lights’.
  • wearable fire suits
  • flame throwing effects

Fabrication projects

We regularly build custom effects for repeated use on stage during concerts as well as film and television sets for one off scenes.

As part of our custom design service we will provide you with the necessary safety manuals and risk assessments to accompany your special effect.

Some effects will need our skilled supervisors and crew to oversee and operate, but we can also provide operator training and technical support.

Shock FX are proud to create new and innovative effects. If you’re looking for something different, get in touch – we’d love to work with you to make your next project extra special!

Shock FX - Custom special effects

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